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Welcome to the Donation Page of
Pamela Engelhard

My Team Page    
$203 (represents our goal to reduce the impact of arthritis by 20% by 2030)
$128 (represents the $128 billion spent annually on arthritis-related medical costs and lost wages)
$67 (represents the 67 million Americans who could have doctor-diagnosed arthritis by 2030)
$30 (represents the 300,000 American children who cope with the debilitating effects of arthritis)

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Join me in my efforts to support the Arthritis Foundation!

I joined the Arthritis Walk® and made a personal commitment to help the 50 million people who live with arthritis and their families who support them.

By joining the Arthritis Walk®, I became a part of a nationwide movement devoted to helping people who want a healthier lifestyle. A donation today could help fund arthritis research, education and community programs. And don't stop there! Think about getting more involved by joining my team or starting one of your own.

And on behalf of those living with arthritis every day, THANK YOU!

The Arthritis Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
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